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    This book is not about what’s right or what’s wrong, it’s about doing things the right way.

    Money Rules

    9 Rules to Massive Wealth

    Written for Influential Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Families with Money.

    There are many books written for individuals who are seeking to build wealth, but when you reach the point of impressive success and multiple commas to your name, you may be reliant on your inner circle with your decisions about money. You feel you have everything in place, but there are many aspects you may be missing.

    This book is written for you, and in it you will find out what you are missing, no matter how diversified your portfolio is or what you think you know about money, and what you must have in place as you move forward. When you know the rules of how your wealth really works and the ideas and strategies in this book, you will be able to build and protect your money, not just have momentary fortune.

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