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Financial success is a matter of making constant, highly calculated adjustments

The story behind your assets is just as important as their worth, and our solutions are tailored to your unique position and all that you need to preserve your future and legacy. From this mindset, Abrahamsen Financial Group plans and manages your wealth to protect, preserve, and increase your assets in every stage and with every aspect working as a whole. We implement macro strategies that provide much more than what you know.

I welcome you to explore more about myself, my firm, and macro wealth management. Alt. I welcome you to explore more about myself, my firm, and what we offer.

The Origin of Abrahamsen Macro Planning

How Harry J. Abrahamsen Founded AFG

In the wake of the September 11th tragedy, I realized the importance of really knowing and appreciating the big picture—not just in personal priorities, but also in financial planning for myself, for my family, and my business. At the time, I was a business owner, a husband, and father with small children, and I realized I had no real plan to protect and preserve what was available to my family and my future. I had money in a brokerage account, I’d set up a pension plan, and had life insurance policies, but I had no overarching strategy for success.

When I embarked on the path to find my financial advisor and my plan, I realized that finding the right person, with a robust approach, was like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortuitously, I eventually came across the LEAP planning process, a macro approach to financial strategies that impressed and invited me into a new mindset. I pursued a friendship with the owner and founder of the approach, and his mentorship was the impetus for me to form Abrahamsen Financial Group.

Moving Homeward

Opened Holmdel Office

My first office was located in the old Bank of New York Building in Teaneck, NJ. After years of commuting, I chose to move the main office to Holmdel, where I was based. The building was an elegant, old Victorian style house, and this provided a nice change of pace and focus.

In addition to maintaining the original office, I was able to further my client base in Monmouth County, and it was at this time that I began to assemble my team and founded my first independent RIA.

Initial Recognition

Customer Service Award

The 2007-2008 financial crises were a defining moment for us. It is times like these that really define and shape who we are, and we all went through it together. As a firm, we adopted many processes to keep in close contact with our clients and ensure everyone was in the proper hands. Even in 2008, Abrahamsen Financial Group continued to mature at an accelerated pace, despite the meltdown of the banking and financial market.

Following these years, Abrahamsen Financial Group was selected by a panel of experts as the winner of the customer service category in the 2009 New York Enterprise Report Small Business Awards. This annual event honors the achievements and accomplishments among more than 500,000 small businesses in the Tri-State Area. Winning this award demonstrated to me the excellence of the advisors in our firm and the importance of our approach to our clients.

Engraving Character

The 10-Year Mark as a Firm

Character is made evident over time in many experiences, and in what we choose to do in the face of trials and tribulations. We all have challenges. Character is the combination of our mind, soul, and backbone in everything we experience.

In our first ten years as a firm, Abrahamsen Financial Group was faced with many trying times, both personal and professional. Over those years, we found further perspective, understanding, and empathy as we helped many clients navigate their finances and their own experiences.

M. Scott Peck says it well: “Once we truly know that life is difficult—once we truly understand and accept it—then life is no longer difficult.” Character is engraved on the inside, and in the first ten years and following it, in the members within our firm.

Reinvention in the Pandemic


COVID-19 gave our firm and many of our clients a new perspective on planning around unexpected events. Many people needed to pursue early retirement and most people’s ways of living were altered by the pandemic. We wanted to provide more to them with this in mind.

In response, Abrahamsen Financial Group made the decision to become fully independent with an in-house Investment Advisor Representative. Our in-house IAR has a fiduciary responsibility to clients within our investment management services, and this allows us to provide fee-only asset management without tying our services to one management style or philosophy.


Opening the Red Bank Office

Our choice to relocate to Red Bank, NJ, was an easy one. My family had been in the area for decades, and it was time to move the office to this meaningful place. We set up in historic downtown in the old Mechanic Street School, which dates back to 1870-1871. (In the late 19th to early 20th century, one room wooden schools were replaced by more substantial public school buildings. This is one of the only schools of its kind still standing.)

This is a place that reflects what we want to offer to our clients in many ways. In addition to its history, we appreciate the building for its access to Broad Street and the center of downtown, and its rare onsite parking is an important part of making visits comfortable for our clients. As lovers of art and culture with a commitment to the community, we partnered with a local art gallery and filled the space with paintings, drawings, and photography from artists in the area.

Financial Services

Income to Wealth Blueprint

Our Income to Wealth Blueprint is designed to help you make educated decisions today to create the future you desire.

Retire Ready Roadmap

Our Retire Ready Roadmap helps you pave the way to creating a clear path toward a stress-free retirement.

Wealth Management

Our strategic relationships. We believe it’s our responsibility to share with you what’s happening with your money after you decide to work with us.

Our Working Process

4-Step Process

Step 1
Discovery Meeting
Step 2
Portfolio Review & Commitment
Step 3
Reviewing & Implementing the Plan
Step 4
Relationship & Expectation Management

Mistaken Identity

The Wrong Abrahamsen

Three Harry’s, one family, and an unwavering commitment to set the record straight.

The Team

Long-term relationships matter most

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