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Retire Ready Roadmap

Our Retire Ready Roadmap service helps you pave the way to creating a clear path toward a stress-free retirement.

Longevity with Assurance

Our team of professionals help you implement a full strategy as you enter the retirement phase, using a variety of investments and insurance products and services that address your unique financial requirements, preferences, and concerns.

Retire Ready Roadmap

The Process

Discovery Meeting

Exploration of your vision and objectives

At our first meeting, we get to know each other and go over your financial position, objectives, and concerns. This includes a review of your income plan, investment plan, tax plan, healthcare plan, and RMD plan. If you do not have any of these in place, we are able to build out what you need when we move forward.

Portfolio Review & Commitment

Complete analysis of your strategy

In our next meeting, we review the information along with a risk and cost analysis of your investments. In addition, we complete an income, social security, and RMD analysis for the information required for a robust macro approach. After this meeting, we determine if we are a fit.

Reviewing & Implementing the Plan​

Putting it into motion​

The third meeting is where we begin your Retire Ready Roadmap. We provide a detailed construction of your advanced planning objectives, income retirement plan, investment plan, tax plan, healthcare plan, and legacy plan. Client agreements are signed to initiate the transfer process.​

Relationship & Expectation Management

The path forward

In our fourth meeting we review everything in a wholistic way and reiterate and review the structure of the plan. Money is invested, and we review the specific risk parameters and investment recommendations. This meeting allows us to implement advanced strategies and establish a review process for moving forward.

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